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We've built our entire business to be an extension of yours

SemiGen was founded in 2009 with a vision of being a multi-faceted and an invaluable partner to the world’s leading electronic device manufacturers. Recognizing that a manufacturer can quickly find themselves short on time, talent, and supplies, we’ve thought ahead and are now fully-prepared to be an on-demand extension of your engineering team and production facility, and a trusted link in your supply chain.

Clean, expansive Facility

Located in Londonderry, NH, our 43,000 sq. ft facility encompasses all of our manufacturing needs under one roof. With over 20,000 sq. ft of clean room space, our facility services multiple requirements in the RF/microwave markets. Our diverse products range from PIN, schottky and step recovery diodes, to thin film circuits, filters, attenuators, and more providing a turn key solution for many hard to find items. Our RF/microwave and automated PCB assembly, box build and module testing operations allow us extensive capacity for microwave designs. Our upscreening and wafer foundry capabilities allow us to provide extended manufacturing solutions to our customers.


Modern Equipment

SemiGen continues to invest boldly to assure our customers the capacity and manufacturing capabilities as we grow. With over $3M in new extensive equipment and automation, we are able to service our customer demands quickly and repeatedly. From testing, foundry and manufacturing, we are consistently updating and renewing our equipment tools to provide the best technology for our employees to work with.


Dedicated expertise

Work force training and experience are necessary tools for SemiGen to be successful. We invest hours of training and cross training utilizing a staff that has decades of RF/microwave experience and knowledge. We value our work force and spend time mentoring and evaluating our staff so that re-training and product knowledge is shared and learning within the manufacturing space continues regularly. Going over completed jobs for lessons learned eliminates risk as those jobs return and other similar jobs hit the floor. Communication and training are keys to our staff being trained and up to date on the necessary manufacturing techniques used today.


Proven Quality

SemiGen prides itself on consistent and constant improvement in our quality systems. Our ISO 9001-2015 system is built around following a regimented list of checks and balances to assure compliance to the many military specifications we provide. From space level MIL-PRF 38534 to military MIL-PRF 19500, 750 and 883, SemiGen commits to delivering superior quality and reliability.

Tech Brief Describes How To Bond Small Mesa Chips

Tech Brief Describes How To Bond Small Mesa Chips

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