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RF/Microwave Performance Testing

As a true full-service supplier, SemiGen is dedicated to providing turnkey electrical and quality testing of your RF/microwave hybrids and components, up through 50 GHz in our in-house test lab. We provide final inspection and test reports with a Certificate of Compliance, as well as full tuning to your requirements. Typical tuning methods include stub-tuning, impedance matching, capacitive, and inductive.


Our semiconductor upscreening capability of certifying to MIL-PRF 38534, class H or K and MIL STD 883, groups A, B, and C, and life testing allow us to provide detailed professional qualification of customer supplied materials or our own internally produced products.


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An Expertly Staffed and Fully Equipped RF Testing and Screening Lab is Critical to Meeting Stringent MIL-STDs

Military and aerospace programs require standardized testing in accordance to various military specifications for quality assurance. This means that all parts need to be screened before integration. This often includes semiconductor upscreening and specialized application-based tests. Look for an RF/microwave outsource partner that is fully committed to high frequency assembly and testing.


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Test Parameters:

  • Isolation
  • Insertion loss
  • Gain
  • Noise figure
  • VSWR
  • Phase and phase tracking
  • IP3
  • Switching speed
  • Various power testing
  • Lifetime
  • Series resistance
  • DC electricals VF, VB, CT, IR
  • Bond-pull testing and die-shear
  • Failure analysis of diodes and passives
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